25th Oct 2010

Recently I came close to admitting defeat on a challenge issued by one of my nay-saying friends. Fortunately I was able to rally in the final hour and snare a lady while talking like a little boy, thereby avoiding my first ever failure.

This brush with dishonor got me thinking about my running list of challenges I plan to complete in my lifetime. Here it is:

 Pick up a chick whilst talking like a little boy

 Lick the Liberty Bell

 Tame a cougar

 Overalls = Sex

 Strike out a Major League batter


 Pulitzer / Nobel

 Own an island


 Miss America

 Wear the Crown Jewels

 High-five the moon

 Drive the pope-mobile

 Debunk gravity

 24 chicks, 24 time-zones

 ”Pay only in pennies day”

 Walk to Connecticut

 Ride a baby giraffe

 Conduct a symphony in Lincoln Center

 Seduce a woman with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back

 Achieve Nirvana in less than an hour

 Suction-cup to the top of the Empire State Building

 Urinate in all seven seas

 Fist-bump a king

 Go “business casual” for half a day

Now if I can only find someone to challenge me on these.